Petroleum & Chemicals Group.
The Petroleum & Chemicals Group’s mission is to secure stable supplies of energy and chemical materials, products that are essential to industries, societies and quality of life. Our operations include both the trade and manufacturing of a wide scope of materials, such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrochemicals, salt and methanol.
Understanding that our operating environment is likely to undergo significant upheaval in the coming years due to shifts to low-carbon societies, concerns over ocean plastics and other challenges that highlight the importance of environmentally conscious business activities, our Group remains dedicated to both strengthening its core businesses and developing new and highly adaptable business models.
Organizational Structure.
Petroleum Division.
The Petroleum Division is developing business related to crude oil and petroleum products. Through affiliated companies, we have also developed a wide range of business activities, from logistics operations to retail activities such as fuel service stations. In the LPG business, we support the activities of Astomos Energy Corporation as one of its major shareholders and contribute to their sustainable development. We also support the government stockpiling plan for LPG through terminal operation in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.
Main Products and Services Crude oil, petroleum products, LPG, wood pellet Organizational Structure Namikata Terminal Business Office | LPG Office | Petroleum Trading Dept. | Petroleum Products Dept. | Utility Fuel Dept.
Petrochemicals Division.
In the Petrochemicals Division, we are growing our business in the petrochemicals sector, which consists of the upstream raw materials of ethylene and xylene, to downstream plastics and fibers. Using our strong presence in the global trading market as a lever we are developing, primarily in overseas locations, and in conjunction with our partners, the business of manufacturing upstream and midstream products based on highly competitive raw materials. We are also working on initiatives for the business of manufacturing downstream products by utilizing the combined capabilities of Mitsubishi Corporation.
Main Products and Services Olefins, polyolefins, polyester intermediates, plastics, urethane raw materials, paint/coating materials Organizational Structure Petrochemicals Project Dept. | Basic Petrochemicals Dept. | Refinery Chemicals Dept. | Plastics Dept.
Basic Chemicals Division.
In the Basic Chemicals Division, we have developed our business in the area of basic chemicals such as industrial salt, methanol and raw materials for fertilizers. In the methanol sector, where the raw material is natural gas, we are developing global trading and promoting a manufacturing business that builds on our industry knowledge, as well as on the sales and procurement capabilities we have cultivated in the trading business.
Main Products and Services Industrial salt, caustic soda, raw materials for PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride), chlorine products, raw materials for fertilizers, fertilizer products, methanol, ethanol, ammonia Organizational Structure Chlor-Alkali Dept. | Agriculture Solution Dept. | Alcohol & C1 Chemicals Dept.