Message from Managing Director.
NKTH has set up Technical Service Center in Samutprakarn, Thailand and offered our technical services of dyes not only to the customers in Thailand but also global customers in ASEAN and South Asia.
The business of Nippon Kayaku in dyestuffs has been well-established and has a long history. Our mission is to keep on providing continuously society with our best products and services through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences.
Business of Nippon Kayaku.
NKTH Dye Products.
One-bath dyeing.
NKTH Product List.
Kayalon Microester: For polyester & new synthetic fibers dyeing. Kayacelon E: For polyester / cellulose blend dyeing. Kayalon Polyester UT: For polyester / polyurethane blend dyeing. Kayalon Polyester: For automobiles(ultra high light-fastness) dyeing and regular disperse dyes.
Kayacelon React: For one-bath dyeing. Kayacion CF-COM, COMW: For 60℃ dyeing. Excelent reproductivity. Kayacion PL-COM, Kayacion CF-L: High light fastness. For 60℃ dyeing. Kayacion CF: For 60℃ dyeing. Kayacion DH: For 60℃ dyeing of medium to deep colours. Kayacion E-CG: Brilliant green for 80℃ dyeing. Kayacion E: For 85℃ dyeing. Good after silk treatment. Kayacion P: For continuous dyeing and printing.
Kayacryl ED: Dispersed cationic dyes. For acrylics and cationic dyeable polyester dyeing. Kayacryl: Regular cationic dyes.
Kayarus: For cellulose dyeing. rayon, tencel and modal dyeing. Kayacelon-C: Good fastness. For one-bath dyeing of polyester/cotton blend.
Kayanol: Half-milling dyes. Good leveling property. Kayanol Milling: Milling dyes. Good wet fastness. Kayakalan and Kayalax: Metal-complex dyes. Good light and wet fastness.
Auxiliaries used in the processing of various fibers -pH control agent: Kayaku Buffer P-7, Kayaku Buffer AC, Kayaslide PH-509, Kayaku Buffer NFP -Polyester Alkali dyeing aids: Kayaku Buffer TRA 115 -Dispersing and Levelling agent for Cationic dyes: Kayaclean KFS -Reproducibility improvement agent for Reactive dyes: Kayatector E.
NIPPON KAYAKU (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Head office 13th Floor, Ramaland building, 952 Rama IV Rd., Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.
Representative: Mr.Tetsuya Tomita, Managing Director.
Foundation: 20th February 2018 Number of Employees: 6 (Office 4, Laboratory 2) Capital: 10,000,000 THB Earning: 400,354,427.90 THB (2019) Major Shareholder: NIPPON KAYAKU CO., LTD. (99.8%) Fiscal Year: April 1 to March 31.
Business Category: Import and sale of chemical products BOI Certificate: ITC(61-0728-1-00-0-0), IHQ(61-0729-1-00-0-0)